Petäjäveden radio- ja puhelinmuseo

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Petäjävesi radio and telephone museum is supported by Society of Old communication devices of Petäjävesi, founded 1995. The collections are on display at the former nursing home of Petäjävesi, dating 1916. The 350 square meters wide exhibition exists at the attic of the building. In order to get to the main exhibition area the visitor has to use the staircase. Some items are available for disabled as well.

The collections consists of over 3000 recorded items and numerous paper documents. The oldest radio is from the year 1924, oldest thermionic (radio) valve from 1918 and oldest telephone from 1880. Our main goal is to collect Finland’s electronic communication history. Therefore we have special collections of Finland’s biggest manufactures (ASA, Helvar, Salora and also Philips’ subsidiary of Finland). Finland’s and foreign military and professional equipment has on its own collection.

A lot of new
We are working on availability of the museum listings. Now the museum has info posts where visitors have access to our listings. We are also working on the internet availability and hopefully we have good news in this area soon. For present listings and photos, see ”Collections”. For the other museums, researchers and private collectors, we have also service manuals and all sorts of spares. See ”For sale”.

Waves of the Past takes you back in time. Design Ossi Rantapuska, station selection and placement Jan-Mikael Nurmela, production Radio- and telephone museum in Petäjävesi 2017. Financing Finland's National Board of Antiquities. If you are interested to add more stations and radios in this project, please contact us by email.

Opening hours

  • Summer season 2020 starting 23.6. sun-fri 11-18 sat 11-16
  • Open during winter season Tue-Fri 11 am - 5 pm, other times at request without extra cost.

    Admittance fees:

    • Adults 7€, child with parents 0€

    Due CONVID-19.

    • The entrance only by the staircase, which is on the outside wall of the building to the second floor.
    • No guided tours during summer.
    • 2020 flea market cancelled.

      Check out our video. Its duration is about five minutes. It tells you something of the history of communications and includes some curiosities of our museum. Our employee, Piia Pietarinen, leads and Ossi Rantapuska is man behind the camera.
      See the video in English
      The Finnish version is slightly different.
      See the video in Finnish

      You can now find us also on Facebook.

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or by phone +358 440 732 813

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