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Service manuals

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In case you need a manual for your device, you can try to find it from our list.
For fast searching use CONTROL+F on your keyboard. Please notice that the spelling may vary. So try different kind of variations of the cathcword in question. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lähetin-vastaanotin, transceiver, transmitter-receiver and both rxtx and txrx means all the same.

For pricing above ten Euros, ask for final price. If we have extra manual you may have original cheaper than copies. Notice this especially if you need tens of pages.

Service and operating manual list works as follows:

The order is based on makers name, beginning from Asa thru Kenwood and Philips etc. to Yupiteru.

Before maker is shortly description of nature of the unit.

Tx=transmitter, rx=receiver

An arrow guides you to another brand which is same unit.

After brand/maker comes type/model name, if there are many versions they are separated with /.

Number of the pages follows. For example 26+4A3 means 26 A4 sized pages, 4A3 means four A3 sized pages.



Copy prices: 0,3 € /A4page and 0,5 €/A3page. Minimum 4 € including 10 first pages. From page 20 on prices 0,15 €/A4page. - Cash payment on account accepted. US dollars and other currencies, ask first!

Mailing costs will be added. Prepayment required.

Most western currencies accepted thru bank or in closed envelope (notes only) thru mail (if legal and at your own risk).


By Email (Finnish, English, Swedish, German, French)

We run only mail service, unless otherwise agreed.


By Email


h = service manual
k = circuit diagram
e = advertisement
o = operating manual
c = part
f = picture/photo
a = installation manual



FIN= Finnish
S = Swedish
D = German
E = English
DK = Danish

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