Petäjäveden radio- ja puhelinmuseo

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On a list you can find items in our museum. The list is not complete, but it has many lines. All ownership information as well all information of contributors has been removed due to privacy reasons. In case you want to come to Petäjävesi to see a particular object, we strongly recommend you to first contact our staff. It is possible that the item is not at display at the moment it migth be at restoration, storage or on loan.

Because we do not have financial support for publishing this material, the list is huge text file and photos of the items are available in Picasa web albums. To find a certain item in the listing we recommend control+F -search in Windows computers. Only some items are photographed. To check available photos write down item number, for example A 0123 and see the photo album A 0100-0199 if there are that photo. Quality of information varies; some 15 persons have collected it during the last 17 years, each having a bit different idea of important information. Quality of photos varies even more, since most of the pics are not originally ment for public presentation. Please don't let the Finnish language turn you down. You will find some familiar technical phrases there. All rights reserved. Copying photos for internet or commercial use is forbidden. You must ask permission for any use.

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Older Exhibitions, from old web pages (there migth be obsolite data and problems with links):
  • 2001 Exhibition
  • 2002-2003 Exhibition
  • 2008 Exhibition

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