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This list consists of donated apparatus which have been classified as doubles or are otherwise in poor condition and are therefore for sale. Some items on the list are looking for spare part(s) in order to make them complete museum objects. Those objects are identified with the letter T (and those in museum-condition with the letter S).

In case you need a spare part, you can find the available ones from the Apparatus-list. Please don't let the Finnish language turn you down. For fast searching, use CONTROL+F on your keyboard. Please notice that the spelling may vary. So try different kind of variations of the catchwords in question. In the list the letter code M means that the apparatus or spare part is for sale as a whole. The code MO means that we sell the piece as spare parts only. In this case the price expresses the total value of the parts. If you don’t find what you’re looking for or have something else to question, don’t hesitate to contact us!

On this page you can also find links to pictures of the apparatus. The quality of the photos may vary and the list is not complete; not all the apparatus are photographed. We are constantly working on the matter. The pictures are named the same way as the apparatus are. So if you want to find a picture of an apparatus called EKUA0123, go to the file Kuvat (pictures) 01xx and you will find the pictures between 0100 and 0199 there. If multiple pictures of the same apparatus are available, the different pictures are separated with a small letter.

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