In 1933, after the great depression, the German idea of cheap receiver for the people came true as the model VE301.
In 1938, the massproduction of DKE (Deutsche Klein Empfänger) was started in several factories.
This was a kind of training for total military production in the near future.
German history writers have forgotten that DKE was also manufactured in concentration camps, and German law forbits the original nazi-emblem on the radio.



High cabinets were popular during the first part of 1930's. Low cabinets were popular during the last part of 1930's. On the left VE301 (1933), on the right DKE (1938).

Worker's one month pay

Cost of the easily available home entertainment electronics has always been worker's one month pay. Radios since mid 30´s, televisions since 60's, home entertainment centers today.