Telephone Devices





Cellular phone - secret weapon of the 90's Cellular phones turned soon to agent phones, too. Nokia 1610 was most common spy machine in Europe during 1990's. Most quality phones vere soon possible to change easy-to-built bugs. Earphone-microphone was changed to more sensible one and telephone was programmed to silent mode with auto answer.

Today trend phones with changeable covers are new danger. Covers can be made of explosive or highly flammable material. Denotator can be set in the redused side battery block. Timer is already built-in the phone.

Lie detector telephone This common-looking telephone has built in lie detector. Cirquit measures stress in the voice. These units are common in some American firms, in Finland is one known unit. At the moment lie detector is not a part of the museum exhibition.

Telephone crypting unit from REI is propably the most common crypting device in the world. With the reasonable price around 250 USD this unit has given a reasonable safety for on-line listening. Anyhow, recorded conversations can be encrypted after a while. This model is from 1980's.