Army listening

Autophon (VHF) was used in the 60`ies.

The exiting history of National NC-100XA communications receiver In 1939 Finnish counter intelligence forces made a big business with Swedish counter intelligence. They traded intelligence information for 200 units of National NC-100XA communications receivers. NC-100XA served as primary receiver for military intelligence until 1943, when Finnish company Asa from Turku made a serie of copies of National receiver.

These radios together with their precessors were key for success in listening and code breaking. Finns were able to read both Soviet and other allied codes including American codes. Even some Japanese messages were opened in Finland. In the end of the war operation Stella Polaris took most of the intelligence service's archive and personnel to Sweden. The operation was named after the ship that took material over to Stockholm. Even then material was used for trade.

It is likely that general Reino Hallamaa and some other leading personnel got big money from USA for their intelligence material. Thou not public, it is known that some parts of this material is now in the National Archive of USA instead of Swedish safe, where it officially ended.



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